Ultra FX 10 Review

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ultra fx 10 review

UltraFX10 is an all-natural hair growth supplement developed by Eric Kelly. He claims that, with proper and consistent use, everyone can reverse their hair loss problem and develop fully thick hair. By focusing on DHT – known to cause follicle death and eventual hair loss – Kelly has developed a formula that guarantees will lead to dramatic results.

There is only one question: Does it really work?

This review will outline the background of the product, some of its selling points, and whether it is safe to try. After reading this, you should have a much better idea of whether you should invest time and money into UltraFX10.


Kelly identifies four main causes of hair loss: insulin production, stress, thyroid issues, and inflammation. He first recommends reducing stress and avoiding certain food products such as bromine (found in bread, especially hamburger and hot dog buns) and alloxan (a chemical used to bleach flour). He also suggests drinking more green tea, which comes with many health benefits that can improve not only your physical health but your hair health as well.

His focus, however, is on two natural substances: Quebrachol and Coenzyme R.

Stopping Hair Loss

UltraFX10 works by combining several different natural substances that work together to block DHT and increase hair growth. The two main supplements are Quebracho and Coenzyme R.

Quebrachol: This naturally occurring substance was recently found to block DHT and arrest the follicle killing process. In a double-blind, human study, participants were split into two groups. Group 1 was given Quebrachol, and Group 2 was given a placebo. At the end of the study, every participant who received Quebrachol had successfully blocked DHT and experienced less hair loss.

Coenzyme R: This supplement converts food into a protein called Keratin, which is directly responsible for hair growth. As Kelly points out, every time you eat something, Coenzyme R converts some of your food into ‘follicle food,’ which will help you reverse the effects of hair loss.

Working together, Quebrachol and Coenzyme R form a powerful resistance hair loss. In studies, both nutrients have been found to reverse the hair loss process and reignite hair growth. Some have seen results within three weeks.

Kelly took this information and started asking new questions: Where can you get these supplements, and how much are you supposed to be taking? How do you know how much is enough?

He and his research team spent years formulating their product. He developed the appropriate amount of Quebrachol and Coenzyme R, then added to that, 11 more supplements – all of which came together to create UltraFX10. His product now contains 4 DHT blockers and 9 nutrients known to stimulate hair growth.

ultra fx10 supplement


UltraFX10 is available through several different offers on the company website:

1 bottle: $49.95

3 bottles: $119.95

6 bottles: $199.95

Each bottle contains a one-month supply, and every offer is available with free shipping. Kelly also includes several free books as gifts with your purchase:

Total Hormone Reset: This book gives valuable tips and strategies for balancing the hormones in your body. As Kelly points out, hormones play a significant role in hair growth – so being in balance is essential to healthy hair.

Feed Your Hair Back to Life: Many hair loss regiments and advice is based on unsound science. Kelly’s book takes you through the importance of diet and its impact on hair growth.

Home Remedies for Your Hair: This book highlights some of the most common “bad hair habits” and outlines better ways to achieve healthy hair. Included are lists of products that can be used on your scalp and hair that will naturally improve your hair.

These gifts are valued at nearly $85, and they are included with your first order.


Because Ultra FX10 uses only natural substances, the health risks are very low. There are no known side-effects, and the product itself is non-habit forming. So you can feel safe using the product for as long as you want.

The real risk factor that you want to know is the risk on your wallet. Is this product worth the price?

Kelly is careful when he describes UltraFX10. He never calls it a ‘miracle product,’ and he does not guarantee ‘overnight success.’ Instead, this product is marketed as a long-term treatment plan. If you decide to use it, you will need to take it patiently and diligently. Do not expect your life to change in one day or even one week. It is possible to see results within the first few weeks, but the major improvements will come farther down the road.

Although it will not give you a full head of hair overnight, Ultra FX10 is guaranteed to work. If you use the product correctly over a longer period of time, it is guaranteed to block DHT and replenish your hair follicles, leading to thicker, healthier hair. In fact, Kelly is so confident that you will see results that he offers a full-year, money-back guarantee. You have 365 days to test out the product, and you can return it anytime within that window for a full refund.

ultra fx 10 ingredients

Should I Use It?

Ultra FX 10 will not lead to instant hair growth. However, if you are searching for a long-term solution to hair loss, and you want to pick up the additional gifts that can help you change your lifestyle and improve your overall health, this seems like a good option. It is a low-risk formula because of its natural ingredients, and a full-year money back guarantees which means that your investment will be low. If you try the one month bottle and decide it’s not for you, you can get your money back and keep the free gifts.

Overall, Ultra FX10 is a product worth trying. There is not much to lose during the trial, and the impact could truly change your life.

ultra fx 10 supplement

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